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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Vital Tips for Improving SEO Visibility

Vital Tips for Improving SEO Visibility
by Amit Mishra
Presently, for most of the internet surfers Search engine is no more an unidentified phrase. Search engines are the most convenient and the easiest tool for retrieving information from the World Wide Web. Nearly every internet users take search engines as their primary source of searching information. Search engine index consists, millions of web pages containing a wide-range of subject matters and encompassing numerous advanced search criterion. Search engine algorithms are specially programmed for sorting and synthesizing relevant information together for further retrievals. When cyber users look for any information through search engines, they select the web pages which are very relevant to the theme of the search query. When people search information through World Wide Web, they generally use evocative words in place of brand name or terms. For example, while searching for “the most affordable flight”, searchers tend to use “cheap air price” for a key-phrase. Hence, if a company offers flight services, then it has to optimize its website on the basis of the searched key-phrase, i.e., “cheap air price”. It is true that if your website is not optimized on those appropriate keywords, then your page will not be displayed in the search engine results page (SERP) when searchers search for that particular keyword. In general, visitors give more significance to the first top 10 search results. Because, there is an impression that the results which are displayed among top 10 are the best sites in that particular field. So, all the webmasters try to boost their SEO visibility to attract more targeted visitors to their website. So, webmasters should use search-engine-friendly content and keywords to get higher ranking in search engine result pages (SERP). Here are some of the vital tips to increase SEO visibility of your website. • Content plays a very significant role in getting better search engine ranking. Keyword research is very necessary to write good content. While selecting keywords for your website, try to find out the words that people use when they search in the World Wide Web. So optimize your content with your most targeted keywords. It will help you to get a better search engine ranking. • To increase the SEO visibility of your website you can write quality articles for your own website as well as for others. • While designing your website, keep search engines as well as your targeted customers in your mind and build it accordingly to attract both of them. • Press releases help you to increase the number of inbound-links to your website and it will increase your SEO visibility. Click Here…. So always send out optimized press releases because an optimized press release can easily get listed in different search engines, news engines and other relevant website. • This is one of the best methods to increase your SEO visibility - write blogs and post them in different blog sites; your brand will appear everywhere and you will get more number of back links. • Always avoid, unethical search engine optimization methods which may cause search engines to penalize your site or may get banned by search engines.

Search engine marketing firms

Search engine marketing firms
by Chris Tremblay
If you're a webmaster, maybe you'd love to find a search engine marketing firm that'll take care of your website and get you listed #1 for a popular keyword, for a mediocre fee.
Life isn't always that easy. Handing your search engine optimization to a firm won't get you ranked #1 for a particular keyword overnight. Like most things in life, getting a high rank requires work and patience.
If you get a search engine marketing firm to work on your website, you will save time and most probably see good results. However, results always take time before they come and you might have to wait 6 months for a visible amount of traffic to arrive at your website thanks to a search engine marketing firm you hired. Click Here….
With a search engine marketing firm however comes a steep price - you could be paying $5 000 for work to be done on your website. This is a big price, and most of us mediocre webmasters don't have that kind of cash to spill into a website.
Also, because search engine marketing firms don't give you guarantees, it's not always certain you'll get the ranking you want. If you find a firm that gives you a guarantee, I suggest you stay away from them. They will either get you a #1 ranking for a term that nobody searches for or they'll simply run away with your money.
Currently, your website is probably ranked #1 for a certain key phrase and you probably don't even know about it. If you take the title of the site and search for it in Google, you'll probably be ranked #1. However, no one searches for that key phrase and therefore you haven't advanced much. Some search engine marketing firms will simply find a key phrase that you rank #1 in and say they've done their work.
Make sure you choose a good search engine marketing firm if you want to work with one, and if you have the investment required. Look for a firm that is very professional and that has a good reputation.
For those who don't have the money to hire a search engine marketing firm, I suggest you do your SEO by yourself with the help of SEO software.
Today, there are many SEO software application that can automate almost all the tasks you need to be doing. Imagine all the time you'd be saving if you had an application that would:
-Analyse your competition -Get Link partners -Tell you which link partners hurt your website -Make sure your link partners are linking back to you -Tell you which pages of your site are indexed, what rank, and for what term, constantly
And these are just the tip of the iceberg to what SEO software can do today. If you're looking to do some SEO on your website, you absolutely need an SEO software.
I suggest SEO Elite to all my clients. It is one of the most powerful SEO software out there.

Google Wants to Stop Backlink Selling - Another Myth from Big G?

Google Wants to Stop Backlink Selling - Another Myth from Big G?
by Nick Bokhonok
Google reports to initiate the work over the changes in its algorithm to make sure that backlink selling (for SEO purposes) fades away.
I am not going to dispute about the morality of purchasing backlinks for SEO purposes in this article, because this is a subject for another very long discussion.
But let's try to answer a simple question...
Can Google Invent Any Algo to Stop Backlink Selling?
Right now Google offers to report sites that are selling backlinks, and they will use this info to find out some algo to fight it.
Google is not saying how exactly they will fight backlink selling, but I think the wisest idea would be to simply not count backlinks (in terms of rank calculation) if the site is reported for heavy backlink selling. This should make the purchase of links not interesting for webmasters and break the whole trend of buying links for the sake of SEO.
How can Google tell good links (real links) from bad links (paid links made for the sake of SEO)?
I personally know many super reputable webmasters' forums that sell backlinks. (!) Intermingled with real backlinks (!). That makes impossible to invent some algo that will tell good links from the bad links. Because - when done wisely - all backlinks look super natural.
So, if it's impossible to invent this algo, this means sites that sell backlinks in a wise way are out of threat. And Google will be catching only stupid link farms and greedy average sites that create piles of backlinks. Click Here….
It looks like Google most probably will make a big public punishment for some minors - and that's it. Big sites will be still selling the backlinks. And webmasters will be still buying the backlinks.
It's highly possible that Google creates the buzz trying to threat naive webmasters and scare them away from buying links.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

how to hire an SEO firm

by Manish Mathukiya)

While Search Engine optimization (SEO) is very important to your web site, especially if you want to expand your web site's exposure, you need to make sure that it is done properly. Your web site cannot afford to fall victim to the bad practices of SEO. Also, if you pay for a Search Engine company to do your SEO work for you, then your wallet cannot afford this either. So, do be careful that you do not pay too much money for too few results. You also need to be sure that you do not fall prey to bad SEO techniques. In order to ensure that this does not happen, there are some really important steps that you should take before you hire a company or an individual to do SEO work for your web site. These steps include:

1. Before you even talk to this SEO person or firm, you are going to need to find out how well-known and experienced they are. Make sure that you ask them for their list of clients and whether any of them are available for you to talk to. You should then contact these clients to find out if they were satisfied with the SEO work that this person or firm did for them.

2. Spend some time examining their portfolio so that you will know what kind of results they have accomplished.

3. Make sure that you have them explain to you how they are going to optimize your web site so that those people who are using your keywords in the major Search Engines are able to find your site. Stay away from those techniques that Search Engines consider spam: using doorway pages, hiding text in the background, utilizing re-directs and other such methods that have been blacklisted.

4. You should get at least 3 proposals, all from different SEO companies or people. Then you will need to look at these very carefully so that you can see if there are any similarities. This will help you to know who is being honest with you and who is trying to sell you something that is not going to work. You will also be able to look at the different prices that you would be charged. Of course, you will need to remember that the cheapest service is not always the best service. On the other hand, the highest priced service may not be offering you a complete and feasible course of action. So, you need to try to find a service that is going to give you what you want within the price range that you can afford.

5. Before you even pay for the service, you need to make sure that you get everything in writing. You will then need to read through this document very carefully to make sure that it covers everything that you have discussed, including what methods will be used to achieve the results you want. Once you are sure that you have read and agreed to these documents, you will want to have them signed by both parties. (For very large jobs, you may wish to consult with a lawyer before signing anything.)

6. Be sure that you clearly state what the terms of payment are going to be. While you are not going to find any SEO person or service who is willing to do work for free or work that will be paid on a performance basis. However, most will not shy away from a base plus performance incentive package. You also should not pay for everything up front. Instead, you should pay 50% up front, then 50% once the work was completed. All of this should be as clearly defined in your contract as is possible so that everyone who is involved will be protected, just in case expectations are not met.

What it all boils down to is that you need to have a basic understanding of SEO terminology and methodology.