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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Google Wants to Stop Backlink Selling - Another Myth from Big G?

Google Wants to Stop Backlink Selling - Another Myth from Big G?
by Nick Bokhonok
Google reports to initiate the work over the changes in its algorithm to make sure that backlink selling (for SEO purposes) fades away.
I am not going to dispute about the morality of purchasing backlinks for SEO purposes in this article, because this is a subject for another very long discussion.
But let's try to answer a simple question...
Can Google Invent Any Algo to Stop Backlink Selling?
Right now Google offers to report sites that are selling backlinks, and they will use this info to find out some algo to fight it.
Google is not saying how exactly they will fight backlink selling, but I think the wisest idea would be to simply not count backlinks (in terms of rank calculation) if the site is reported for heavy backlink selling. This should make the purchase of links not interesting for webmasters and break the whole trend of buying links for the sake of SEO.
How can Google tell good links (real links) from bad links (paid links made for the sake of SEO)?
I personally know many super reputable webmasters' forums that sell backlinks. (!) Intermingled with real backlinks (!). That makes impossible to invent some algo that will tell good links from the bad links. Because - when done wisely - all backlinks look super natural.
So, if it's impossible to invent this algo, this means sites that sell backlinks in a wise way are out of threat. And Google will be catching only stupid link farms and greedy average sites that create piles of backlinks. Click Here….
It looks like Google most probably will make a big public punishment for some minors - and that's it. Big sites will be still selling the backlinks. And webmasters will be still buying the backlinks.
It's highly possible that Google creates the buzz trying to threat naive webmasters and scare them away from buying links.

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